I’m currently working on my STAARS fellowship research paper on food price shocks and household food security status in Nigeria using the Nigeria LSMS dataset and the historical food price data from the National Bureau of Statistics in Nigeria. I presented the preliminary results at the 2019 African Association of Agricultural Economists (AAAE) Conference in Abuja, Nigeria. You can read my draft paper here.

I am also working on a research aimed at assessing the skills necessary to motivate youth to engage in the agricultural sector. Here, I employed a randomised controlled experiment to assess if youth equipped with life skills and/or digital skills will be more inclined to participate in the agricultural sector compared to youth equipped with only agribusiness skills. I spoke about my research in here (in French). The research is funded under the International Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA)/International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) research grant for “Enhancing Capacity to Apply Research Evidence (CARE) in policy for youth engagement in agribusiness and rural economic activities in Africa”

In progress:

  • “Household debt, poverty and inequality”
  • “Economic shocks, household debt, and women’s autonomy”
  • “Dairy Development Programme and Farmers’ Welfare”

You can find some of my other research here